What’s up in June 2011 ?

I haven’t blogged over the past 8 months, so I am very happy to write a new post today.

As it is a personal blog, I am mostly using it to make a point about my life, for example, I announced at the same period last year that I was joining ESCP Europe to do the master (Some news about my coming-up year).

I have been very busy because I was doing a master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (website was designed by @lmolter and coded by me) at ESCP Europe, and I was working on So Stylish. I am also writing about Internet news on IsraelValley.

I am very excited because next week I am going to start a 6-month internship at Appsfire, a startup founded by Ouriel Ohayon (editor of Techcrunch France until February 2009) and Yann Lechelle. I am going to work on several tasks :

  1. Assist in creating marketing material for our commercial efforts
  2. Help in organizing Appsfire’s various events aimed at the developper’s and advertiser’s community
  3. Lead and manage our QA, product testing efforts
  4. Animate our community (blog, content creation, twitter account, facebook page)

I think I sum up quickly what I did over the past 8 months and what’s coming up for next months.

PS : I am still going to manage So Stylish, so keep posting new outfits 😉

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