What a great weekend : party, sport & snacking

Friday night was very cool coz i went to one of my favorite place Pitcher & Piano (it is a church, which was turned into a bar !). I went there with a bus (I used to take the cab) it was not a good idea because i went to the wrong direction but after a 20 min of walk, i found the place. I stayed until they was closing (2am … quite early) they was cleaning the place !!! and we finnish the night in Dogma

I slept all the Saturday morning, as usual ! But it was a great day because i played basket-ball in the evening with my flatemate Awral. It is so nice to go back to support even if i don’t have a lot of stamina ! Awral kicked my ass in one to one but i have a better shoot ! After a shower and a dinner, i went to play cards.

I organised a snaking party on Sunday, where I cooked French creps and where we played Guitare Heroes World Tour. Indeed, last week, my flatemates bought Guitare Heroes, with Drumps, Guitare, Bass, Microphone. It is really fun to play this game ! The drawback is when fucking friends of my flatemates are playing until 7am and when they have a bad singer, who is screaming.

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