The 1st semester is over :-(

I finished my exam on Saturday at 3:30, it was so great. I am waiting for the results now (2nd of February).

After the exam, we directly had couple of drinks with my flatemate, it was nice.

Saturday night was the after exam party, and the good-bye party.

  1. We start to go to the house party
  2. Then everybody went out but it is the start of the problems ! We wanted to go to Ocean, it was closed. We went to Oceana, the bouncers said it was not possible because some friends did not wear shirts, others did not have IDs and i did not have to good shoes. However, some friends went inside. So the group was splited. A 3rd group did not leave the house … So we went to Halo, which was closed because somebody was killed last week here !!! Finally we went to Gatecrusher but it was too late. We finnished the party in Dogma, a bar, which was nice but not the best.

I want to say good-bye to all the erasmus and no-erasmus international friends, who are back home now. It was very nice to meet you guys, I hope to see you one day, i don’t know where … but don’t be pessimist.

See you

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