How did I found a summer job via Twitter

I finished my last post saying I was looking for a summer job, I am happy to announce that I found one. I started 3 weeks ago. What is fantastic is I found it through twitter. So who says it is useless??? Let me explain quickly the story.

I was looking for a summer job as a “community manager” (CM) because I think it is an interesting subject to dig into. 2 reasons :

  1. This job appears with the explosion of the social networks like facebook / twitter, so it is NEW, nobody was talking about CM 2 years ago
  2. As it is new, their is no convention, no good way to do. Starting from scratch is very exciting and challenging.

As I am going to study at ESCP next year, I started to follow its twitter account @escpeurope. Following up a tweet saying they was creating a twitter list of the ESCP community.

#FF spécial: Communauté #ESCPeurope DM welcome si vous voulez proposer des ajouts à cette liste!

I asked to be on the list and they welcome me with this tweet:

@mtaieb MS Innover Entreprendre à la rentrée effectivement! Bienvenue Maxence!

Thanks to this tweet, people following @escpeurope was able to know me like my future boss @christophedavy. He started to read my tweets and my blog and find out that I was looking for CM job. It was the perfect timming because he was looking for a community manager to think about the problematic of how to use the community management in the ecommerce sector.

After some tweets, emails and an interview, we agreed with a job until the 13th of September (which let me a week to rest before I start my master’s).

The experience shows that nowaday social networking is very important in many aspects of our life, including job seeking. A friend, who is working in the HR sector, told me after I explained to him my story that it opens also new perspective in his job.

If you experienced a similar story, don’t hesitate to explain to us in the comments.

PS : here is the company I am working for : Brand Online Commerce

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