Exam 1 : HRM

Here we go, today is my first exam : Humane Ressource Management. I am pretty exciting to start. It is at 4:30. Let’s analyse the situation :

  • What is known ? The subject !  we know that you can choose 2 questions over 8, so you are 100% sure to work on the two subjects you have studied.
  • What is unknown ? As it is my first exam here, i don’t know how it works. And I don’t know how many words or pages we have to writte for each questions, it is a little bit ennoying.

Anyway, i am going to start to review my notes now, but before i have to explain to you what’s happened yesterday when i woke up.

I was up to go into the kitchen, when i feel my slipper very wet. Actually, all the night the kitchen sink was blocked and somebody forgot to turn off the water !!! It was like 3 mm of water in the kitchen … that’s crasy !

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