Apps Review – August 7th


It’s Photography App I found on GigaOM last week. We can discover new Photo Apps everyday, which are competiting with instagram or color. However this one want to bring the simplicity back to photo apps. When you take a pic, you can find all the classic features (geolocalisation, effect, sharing) but also they created a smart auto-tagging system. They call it Vibes. For example, when I took a pic in Appsfire office, they propose me the vibe “Appsfire HQ”. I guess they took this information from foursquare. They added Paris for the city and France for the country. And a verb “playing” which I switched to “working”. They should have seen Appsfire HQ as an office, so put the verb “working” but they didn’t. EyeEm is very nice because it adds context automatically to pictures.


As I told you, a photo app a day 😉 GLMPS aims to add a quick video to your picture. It’s true that when you take a picture, they is a short moment between the beginning and the end of the pic. It’s when you say “Chees” or “Thank you” and it’s often a funny moment. So why not keeping ? I think it’s an interesting concept which could be implementing as an option in each cameras.

*this post is my opinion, it doesn’t reflect any opinions at Appsfire

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