Apps Review – August 1st 2011


As I am trying a lot of iPhone application these days because of my work at appsfire, I decided to share with you some apps I download.

Today I download Snapette. I found this app when I was searching for competitors of my website So Stylish. I am also going to focus on Bags & Shoes in the next few weeks… stay tune. Snapette is a instagram-like for shoes & bags, you take a pic, you add a brand, a store, a price and it’s done. Classic features like “comment”, “like”, “follow” are present. I like the icon within the app.

I also tried Greplin. Greplin allows you to search all your cloud service in one place. For example, you worked about a subject but you don’t remember if you write a document in Google Docs, or in a Word file in Dropbox. You search with Greplin and you will find all your documents, emails, messages… The iPhone application is simple, you can search in your service, and add new one’s.

I hope I will have time to continue this everyday.


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