Apps Review – August 10th

Today I tried 2 application turning around Facebook

Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched on Tuesday Facebook Messenger. It’s the next step to a global inbox where the email, the chat, the text-message are mixed. The application is focused to message, it competes with BlackBerry Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Huddles, or the future iMessage but with 750 million potential users !

My fist impression is a very fluid & fast application. The message can be geocallized so that you know where your friends you are talking to are ! You can send group message. You can even text friends who are not on Facebook if they download the app.

Since Facebook provides video-chat thanks to Skype on its website, we are surprised not to see it in the application, however some people analyzed the application and detected some piece of code talking about video-calling !

MyPad for Facebook

The official Facebook for iPhone is quite good, but it’s always good to have some choice. MyPad, which is originally an iPad Application for Facebook, launched his app for iPhone. When you open the app, it goes directly to the landscape and offer a “twitter-for-ipad-like” interface. You can select on the right your newsfeed, friends, inbox, photo. Thank to the multi-pane interface, you can come back to the view you originally click in. I like the interface, which is completely different to the Facebook for iPhone one. Let’s see if they can reach the 5 million downloads they did with MyPad for iPad.

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