App Review (Linkedin / Foursquare) – August 16

Today I tested 2 famous app which has been updated : lindekin & fourquare


Linkedin finally launched today a new version of its iPhone app. New options was integrated on while the application kept its Facebook-like design. I did not use it so much.

The new version is different, they worked on the design for the menu. For example the tab “You” looks like to a badge, or behind Inbox you can see an envelop.

You can now see on the top left “Linkedin Today” and the “Recent Updates”, even if I never use it (are you using it?). The Inbox is basic but it does its work.

The disappointing point is the “Group & More”. It seems that the needed a 4th option but did not know what to put. When you click on it, you have 2 options : “People you may know” and “Groups”. They choose to have 4 big icons, while the last one of not fully integrated to the app.

To conclude :

  • the app is very fast
  • they tried something interesting with the design
  • but all linkedin options are not well-integrated to the app.


Foursquare is upgrading again its iPhone app! After a small but efficient redesign and the add of notifications last month, Foursquare is adding steps by steps options.

The new update is bringing friends’ check-in photos to the stream of the iPhone app. It’s very nice and quick to see the food your friends are eating at this restaurant, or the decoration the other friend liked in the bar he is drinking.

They also added small other redesigns, for example you can now comment check-in in 1 click.

@Dens already announced on foursquare’s blog that they are going to add the lists to the mobile apps.

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