1 exam – 1 day of revision (Part 3 : International Finance)

Here we go, it is my 3rd exam … i did the half last tuesday. Small reporting about the previous exam :

I said I studied the SMEs and Networking, but during the exam I did not feel like answering the question I studied (Networking) … so i answered a question I did not study. Crazy Max as say one of my Chinese 😉

So tomorow, what to say about the exam. 50% of the mark was a housework and I got 67%. That’s mean I need 14% to pass !!! that’s coooool. But don’t worry (I say that for my family), i will do the maximum for having a good mark.

I actually like the subject because it talks about exchange rate, forward, futures, option, money market … quite interesting and many figures to use. I know I am crazy but I like manipulating figures and maths.

See you for the next report.

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