1 exam – 1 day of revision (Part 2 : Introducing Entrepreneurship)

Today, i will study the entrepreneurship theory … I really like the entrepreneurship but, i don’t like theories. It is too boring !!! But I learn in a lecture that we are not born entrepreneur, so we must learn some theories to become one.

Like with the HRM, we have to choose 2 subjects over 8.

  1. I choose “Entrepeneurs and Networking” because my own experience shows me that it is very important to have a network to launch a startup.
  2. I choose also “Role of SMEs, Myths and Common Mistakes” because SMEs is what make a country developping, in comparaison to the big famous companies. SMEs have a key role in our society.

To finnish this post, i will give you an update about my HRM exam. I lost 5-10 minutes in the beginning of the exam because i was expecting to have draft papers and i did not understand that we have to do it directly in the paper. I think I did well for the 1st question but for the 2nd question, time was missing.

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