New Year Resolution 2015

After reading 2 new year resolutions about reading from 2 different people I follow on social networks, I decided to give you mine for 2015.

The first person is the famous Mark Zuckerberg who is doing a new challenge every year. Last year his goal was to speak Chinese and he successfully (??!!) answered a Q&A in Chinese at the end of the year.

In 2015, Marc Zuckerberg’s challenge is to read a new book every other week, he created a Facebook page where he is going to share his thought about the books and he is expecting people to follow him.

The second person is Cameron Russell. In her Instagram biography, she is describing herself as publisher of Interrupt Mag and Fashion Model. I started to follow her on Twitter after her TED talk “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model”.

She posted a picture where she is “resolving to read and write everyday of 2015”.

Based on these 2 resolutions, I am resolving to read more than 10 pages of a book at least 5 days a week – I should basically read a 300 page book every month. I am also planning  to write something* more often, but it’s more time consuming so I don’t put any frequency.

What will be yours?

*could be a Facebook post, a blogpost, a tweet, a newsletter or an hashtag on Instagram (indeed my rule on Instagram since December 2014 is to post a picture with only one hashtag).