Apps Review – August 7th


It’s Photography App I found on GigaOM last week. We can discover new Photo Apps everyday, which are competiting with instagram or color. However this one want to bring the simplicity back to photo apps. When you take a pic, you can find all the classic features (geolocalisation, effect, sharing) but also they created a smart auto-tagging system. They call it Vibes. For example, when I took a pic in Appsfire office, they propose me the vibe “Appsfire HQ”. I guess they took this information from foursquare. They added Paris for the city and France for the country. And a verb “playing” which I switched to “working”. They should have seen Appsfire HQ as an office, so put the verb “working” but they didn’t. EyeEm is very nice because it adds context automatically to pictures.


As I told you, a photo app a day 😉 GLMPS aims to add a quick video to your picture. It’s true that when you take a picture, they is a short moment between the beginning and the end of the pic. It’s when you say “Chees” or “Thank you” and it’s often a funny moment. So why not keeping ? I think it’s an interesting concept which could be implementing as an option in each cameras.

*this post is my opinion, it doesn’t reflect any opinions at Appsfire

Apps Review – August 3rd 2011

I received this morning a update of OleaPark app. I met Karl, Co-Founder of OleaPark, last Thursday, he told me he submitted his last build to Apple and was waiting for their approval. OleaPark allows you to connect with people around you. I like the idea to connect to people nearby. The concept is similar to Color but for meeting people. To keep a tracking of people who were with you at a specific time and in a specific place.

LFP (Officiel) is the official iPhone application for fans of the French Football Ligue. You will find the news, the live game, results, ranking… all these features are already available with Eurosport & L’équipe app except the team composition, which is a Plus.

Other Update since last post :

  • Travel’r, Amazon Mobile FR, Look’n’Be, SNCF Direct, Angry Bird Free, Flexilab, RATP, Tumblr, Yakatag, Bump

Apps Review – August 1st 2011


As I am trying a lot of iPhone application these days because of my work at appsfire, I decided to share with you some apps I download.

Today I download Snapette. I found this app when I was searching for competitors of my website So Stylish. I am also going to focus on Bags & Shoes in the next few weeks… stay tune. Snapette is a instagram-like for shoes & bags, you take a pic, you add a brand, a store, a price and it’s done. Classic features like “comment”, “like”, “follow” are present. I like the icon within the app.

I also tried Greplin. Greplin allows you to search all your cloud service in one place. For example, you worked about a subject but you don’t remember if you write a document in Google Docs, or in a Word file in Dropbox. You search with Greplin and you will find all your documents, emails, messages… The iPhone application is simple, you can search in your service, and add new one’s.

I hope I will have time to continue this everyday.


What’s up in June 2011 ?

I haven’t blogged over the past 8 months, so I am very happy to write a new post today.

As it is a personal blog, I am mostly using it to make a point about my life, for example, I announced at the same period last year that I was joining ESCP Europe to do the master (Some news about my coming-up year).

I have been very busy because I was doing a master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (website was designed by @lmolter and coded by me) at ESCP Europe, and I was working on So Stylish. I am also writing about Internet news on IsraelValley.

I am very excited because next week I am going to start a 6-month internship at Appsfire, a startup founded by Ouriel Ohayon (editor of Techcrunch France until February 2009) and Yann Lechelle. I am going to work on several tasks :

  1. Assist in creating marketing material for our commercial efforts
  2. Help in organizing Appsfire’s various events aimed at the developper’s and advertiser’s community
  3. Lead and manage our QA, product testing efforts
  4. Animate our community (blog, content creation, twitter account, facebook page)

I think I sum up quickly what I did over the past 8 months and what’s coming up for next months.

PS : I am still going to manage So Stylish, so keep posting new outfits 😉

Launch of So Stylish

I recently launch the website So Stylish, where you can upload a picture, describe your look and share it on facebook or twitter.

So Stylish exports the model of twitter to share looks. I let you surf on the So Stylish because it is better to try than to talk about.

Please send me feedbacks about it and if you wanna test it, just write me a comment with your email and I will send you an invitation code.

PS : So Stylish also have a twitter account

How did I found a summer job via Twitter

I finished my last post saying I was looking for a summer job, I am happy to announce that I found one. I started 3 weeks ago. What is fantastic is I found it through twitter. So who says it is useless??? Let me explain quickly the story.

I was looking for a summer job as a “community manager” (CM) because I think it is an interesting subject to dig into. 2 reasons :

  1. This job appears with the explosion of the social networks like facebook / twitter, so it is NEW, nobody was talking about CM 2 years ago
  2. As it is new, their is no convention, no good way to do. Starting from scratch is very exciting and challenging.

As I am going to study at ESCP next year, I started to follow its twitter account @escpeurope. Following up a tweet saying they was creating a twitter list of the ESCP community.

#FF spécial: Communauté #ESCPeurope DM welcome si vous voulez proposer des ajouts à cette liste!

I asked to be on the list and they welcome me with this tweet:

@mtaieb MS Innover Entreprendre à la rentrée effectivement! Bienvenue Maxence!

Thanks to this tweet, people following @escpeurope was able to know me like my future boss @christophedavy. He started to read my tweets and my blog and find out that I was looking for CM job. It was the perfect timming because he was looking for a community manager to think about the problematic of how to use the community management in the ecommerce sector.

After some tweets, emails and an interview, we agreed with a job until the 13th of September (which let me a week to rest before I start my master’s).

The experience shows that nowaday social networking is very important in many aspects of our life, including job seeking. A friend, who is working in the HR sector, told me after I explained to him my story that it opens also new perspective in his job.

If you experienced a similar story, don’t hesitate to explain to us in the comments.

PS : here is the company I am working for : Brand Online Commerce

[en] Some news about my coming-up year.

As you can see, I haven’t blogged since Mars 2010 because I was looking for a job, and I did not want my recruiter to read my new posts.

First of all, I received a job offer from Accenture Luxembourg June the 4th. It is exactly 4 months after I ended my internship at UBS in Paris. I think it is quite correct to find an interesting job in 4 months and I am quite lucky. Many of my friends are struggling to find a job because of the financial crisis.

Nevertheless, I was accepted for a master in entrepreneurship at ESCP Paris, which is one of the top 3 business school in France.

I decided to accept the master for 4 main reasons :

  1. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and I always have ideas about websites to create.
  2. I am going to study with awesome persons who also want to create and to innovate.
  3. This master is ranking as the best one in entrepreneurship.
  4. I am going to develop my network.

Now, I am looking for a summer job, so if anyone has something to offer, please contact me.